Encourage your Church

People attend your church, volunteer in your ministries, and participate in your small groups, but many still struggle with the reality of God’s redemption in their own lives. Some feel shame about their stories; others believe their stories are over. Still others think they have no story–or have a boring one. Invite your people into a process that will help them discover and grab hold of the compelling, unique, creative–and ongoing–redemptive story God’s writing in their lives.

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Renew your Team

Refresh your leaders with the reminder that God’s not just working through them, but working in them. God doesn’t just use them–he loves them. Create space for your team to reconnect with the past and ongoing redemptive work of God in each of their lives. And then, dive into the conversation about how the individual redemptive stories of your team members impact and enrich the team as a whole.

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Restore your Self

Struggle to understand the story God’s writing in your life? Not sure how this season fits with the overall narrative? Does one-on-one conversation work better for you than group work? Then sign up for a series of individual sessions to discover your own redemptive thread, and look at its significance for your current life and relationships.

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Kirsten Wilson

is a creative and engaging speaker who lives at the intersection of faith, story, and relationship. She’s honed her skills over decades of church ministry and as an instructor at Colorado Christian University. In her presentations, Kirsten explores biblical narratives with the scholarship of a seminary grad, the eye of an artist/storyteller, and the authenticity of a recovery ministry leader. Follow Kirsten on Instagram and Twitter.

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