Sheep Lice Don’t Write Much

I’m teaching three classes this semester at Rivendell College: Koine Greek 1, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing.

In the first session of the creative writing class (tomorrow!), I’ll share this gem from Anne Lamott:

“The very first thing I tell my new students
on the first day of a workshop
is that good writing is about telling the truth.
We are a species
that needs and wants to understand who we are.
Sheep lice do not seem to share this longing,
which is one reason
they write so very little.”
–Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird, p.3

Truth is often told most clearly through creative means. As creative writers, we are called first to tell the truth to ourselves, to ink words that best express the truth of how we see the world–without flinching, without dodging, without letting ourselves off the hook. And in so doing, we earn the right to speak the truth to a reader, hungry to discover something on the page that will unlock the sealed places of his soul.