Summer 2008 (repost)

This summer the Olympics are being held in London, England. Summer 2008, the Olympics hit Beijing, China.

You might remember the crazy awesomeness that was Michael Phelps, swimming for eight gold medals–to add to the six gold and two bronze he won in Athens 2004.

Steve and I love the Olympics, and watch as much of the coverage as we can. But we missed goodly chunks of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

Why? Well, my family was in the process of moving.

Summer 2008, we Wilsons moved from Nevada, where we’d lived for ten years, to the Boulder area of Colorado.

On the face of it, it was a little crazy. We put our house on the market at what our realtors basically called the worst time in the history of mankind to try to sell a house. (Still hasn’t sold, actually.) We left a community we’d lived in and loved for ten years. We left mainstream-ish jobs for more out-on-the-edge jobs. We pulled our kids out of the only church and home they’d ever known.

Why?!? Why would we do that???

Because we did what we believed God was calling us to do. And what our hearts were crying out to do. And really, that’s how I want to live, don’t you?

Because I honest-to-goodness believe that the adventure of following God has a counter-intuitive richness that rewards those who choose it. And we chose it.

As we walked through the process of this radical act, Steve and I were careful to connect the dots for our kids. Our children were well aware not only of the when and how of the move, but of the why.

And as we unpacked boxes in Colorado, we were able to catch up on recorded Olympic coverage. We watched athletes compete and cross their varied finish lines, and felt a bit tired but victorious ourselves.

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