Altered Book (Poem & Art)

altered book

by Kirsten Wilson©2012

no matter what lies have been written
on the pages of your soul
no matter what holes
have been blasted in your identity

the obscenities
scrawled in your memory
names you’ve been called
the burden of their echoes
through sleepless nights
and fearful days

no matter the ways
you’ve chosen to weave
lies into your story
disguise yourself
because deep down you believed
only as someone else
could you ever receive my approval
get me to bless

my child
underneath all that you put on to impress
is a person I love
is you

and I would love to strip away the names
the lies the layers of disguise
written here on your life

get ready
I’m about to write a better story
alter this book
clear the way for coming glory
new words new name

scrape away the shame
I can take the pages
damaged defaced
and write there the blessing
you’ve always chased

write a new name on your heart
of the pages of your life
make a work of art


[Click on the first photo in the gallery below to scroll through the pages of the altered book I created using this poem. altered book, Kirsten Wilson, 2012, mixed media–board book, paint, collage, ink]

4 thoughts on “Altered Book (Poem & Art)

  1. Oh Wow! I think this is gotta be one of my new favs! Love the poem, so fits with my life right now! LOVE what you did with the book! It kinda reminds me of the collage you sent me for my birthday, which I still have hanging up! I love you creativity and heart and the unique way God speaks through you using your gifts! I love you! I am also gonna steal this book collage idea!!!

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