You Want Me to Talk about What?!?

You want me to talk about Barbie?!? 

I have to admit to a moment of internal panic when I heard the theme for the 2012 Flatirons Church women’s retreat: Barbie Bootcamp.

I didn’t spend much time with Barbie as a girl. I was more of a tree-climbing, softball-playing, stack-of-library-books-reading sort of kid.

Thankfully, the retreat theme turned out to be less about Barbie than it was about taking a good look at the places we go to define our identities. About searching for a way to ditch the lies we’ve bought into about ourselves and to hear the truth about who God says we are.


Yeah, I could probably talk about that for a while. Count me in.

And so, in May, I headed off to Crooked Creek Ranch in Fraser, CO, to hang out for the weekend with over 300 of my favorite women. And yes, Barbie.

I taught at the Saturday morning session and had a blast. If you’d like to hear what I had to say, the audio has now been posted online.  Give it a listen, and let me know your response. I’d love to hear from you!

PS Yes, this talk was given at a women’s retreat, but if you’re a man, it’s safe for you to listen, too. (I’ve noticed that guys have been known to struggle with identity as well.) Bonus: the key story we explore in the talk is about a man in the Bible named Jacob.

PPS If you’re curious about the altered book I refer to in the talk, check out my blog posts from May 9 and 11.

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