Your Speech is Safe with Me


Walk through the door, brave soul, and risk words.

Your speech is safe with me.


Whether your fear comes through in shaking or in tears or in belligerent bluster, I will hold my eyes steady on you.

I will draw you forth.

I will invite you to try. To stutter. To stumble.

All that is in my power I will ply to make of this room a safe place to house your voice.


I will not use your words against you.

No, I will catch them and hold them open in my hands.

I will be for you a mirror.

I will show you the words that sparkle with the brilliance of the song God planted in your heart.

I will show you the words unworthy of the person you hope to be.

I will grant you the freedom to look unashamed at your own reflection.


The first steps to fluency are not even.

Nor are they often pretty.

But they are brave. And they are good.

This is what we will hold to, you and I.

(And I will hold to it when you cannot.)


And this is why.

This truth:

You have a voice.

What you have locked within your heart is important enough to speak.

Even the tangled soul, imperfectly expressed in words, is beautiful.

And grows yet more beautiful when met with grace and truth.


Walk through the door, brave soul, and risk words.

Your speech is safe with me.


I began writing this piece to reflect my heart toward my public speaking students. But quickly, it grew into something bigger. I want this to be my stance in more and more interactions of my life: in my marriage, in my parenting, in my teaching. I want to carry this into the small groups I facilitate, and equally into the conversations I have with friends. 

Who in your life needs to hear this heartbeat pulsing through your interactions with them? Where would this stance be helpful to you?

3 thoughts on “Your Speech is Safe with Me

  1. Words are clumsy containers, bottled messages tossed into the sea of another’s soul in the hope that one day understanding will be uncorked and connections restored.

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