Unsent Thanks

On Christmas Day 2006, Katie unwrapped a gift from her grandparents: a puppet theater  complete with the finger puppets needed to enact the story of the Three Little Pigs. Red curtains hid the scene until ready. And the young puppeteer could press backstage buttons to produce sound effects at key dramatic moments.

Puppet Theater

Katie loved it.

She wrote her thanks large, in a four-year-old hand. Prepared a note for her Grams and Grampa. Readied a card for me to mail.

A few days ago, while cleaning, we found that card. Cute as the dickens, but lying unsent and forgotten amidst unsorted clutter these seven years.

thank you theater

Gratefulness: It’s often felt, but somewhat less often sent. Somehow, despite the best of intentions, the cards sink quietly into the clutter of our lives, the words go unspoken in the busyness of our days.

Gratefulness slips through my fingers so easily. But I want to grab hold of it–and then voice the thanks I feel. Send my thanks out to the one who gifted me.


Postscript: There were several other unmailed notes with the one I’ve described. So, in case you’ve been wondering…

Mom & Dad W: Katie loved the puppet theater, and Daniel really liked the star planetarium.

Mom & Dad B: Katie thanks you for the hat and gloves, and Daniel thanks you for the moon boots and for Lego Star Wars. 

Daniel’s Third Grade Friend Timothy: Daniel thought it was cool to construct the “Build a Frog” you gave him.

Beth & Kylie: Daniel thanks you for the Dino Poop.

thank yous


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