One-Day Spiritual Workshop/Retreat (July–Register now!)


One-Day Spiritual Workshop/Retreat

DATE:  July 30 (Click to register.)

TIME: 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. (Check-in begins at 8:30)

PLACE: Bell Flatirons Community Center, 2200 S. Tyler Drive, Superior, CO

COST: $45

SPEAKER: Kirsten Wilson

For more information and to reserve your spot, go to: By a Thread – July 30

This summer, you vacationed with your family. You hung out with your friends. Now it’s time to plan a getaway with God. 

Bible teacher Kirsten Wilson will walk with you through a process that will help you connect with God and listen to the story he’s telling in your life. At one level, every Christian has the same story: Jesus saved me by his work on the cross. But at another level, each believer has a unique and specific and ongoing story of rescue, creatively written by Jesus himself.

Come find your story. 

What the day can give you:

  • Less shame about your past
  • More hope for your future
  • Stronger experience of connection with God
  • Excitement about who God made you to be
  • Greater curiosity about the Bible
  • Better questions to ask God when you have no idea what he’s doing
  • Deeper understanding of your own story—and the ability to share it with others



What People Say about By a Thread / Kirsten Wilson

“This process helped a bunch of light bulbs go off about myself and my story.” —Lesley, Texas

“You were a breath of fresh air that slapped me in my face with what I needed to hear to apply the biblical story to my life.” —Valarie, Texas

“Prepare to be drawn into an encounter with God. Kirsten Wilson has the amazing capacity to penetrate the soul with creativity, transparency, and clarity. You can’t walk away from her teaching without feeling the impact of it for days.” —Roy, Nevada


What should I bring?

Bring your curiosity, imagination, and a willingness to engage. This is a workshop, after all. There will be teaching, but you’ll also have the opportunity to work through some steps for yourself.

We’ll provide materials for you to write on, and pens. But bring your Bible. You’ll want it at various points throughout the day.

How many people will be there?

We’re purposefully capping attendance at 40. This smaller size will make it easier for you to connect with the others in the room. And you’ll be better able to get your questions answered during the day.

[Note: The day will work best (and be more fun) with a certain level of energy in the room. We believe this is best achieved with at least 25 in attendance. If, for some reason, less than 25 people have signed up seven days before a workshop date, we will cancel that particular event, and offer you either a refund or the opportunity to transfer your ticket to a later workshop date.]

Will there be snacks? 

Absolutely! We’re firm believers in the “snacks help us learn better” philosophy of life. There will be a variety of snacks and beverages available throughout the day for your grazing pleasure.

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided, but there are many restaurants within a few minutes of the venue. We’ll give you a list of tasty options before we break for lunch. It’ll be good for your mind and body to get off site for a while—and it’s a great opportunity to hang out with a few of the awesome people you’ll meet at the event.

If you want to pack and bring your own lunch, we do have a refrigerator available to store it in.

What are the facilities like?

We’ll meet in the Bell Flatirons Community Center in Superior, CO. Our meeting room has comfortable, theater-style seating.

Can children attend?

The presentation is designed for adults. If you have a high school student who wants to attend, contact Kirsten at to ask about whether the day would be a good fit for your student.

Who is Kirsten Wilson? 

Kirsten is a teacher, writer, and speaker. She teaches Oral Communication and English Composition (and sometimes Worldviews and now and then C.S. Lewis) as adjunct faculty at Colorado Christian University. Before moving to Colorado in 2008, Kirsten was on staff as a Teaching Artist at LifePoint Church in northern Nevada.

Kirsten’s undergraduate degree combined studies in English, Spanish, Classical Greek, and Linguistics. She went on to earn a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in Teaching and Exposition.

Kirsten met her husband, Steve, in the fine arts dorm of their university when Steve valiantly attempted to save the life of her dying pet betta fish. The fish, sadly, did not survive, but the friendship did. Kirsten and Steve married four years later, and have two children, Daniel and Katie.

When left to her own devices, you’re likely to find Kirsten curled up with a good book and a handful of Oreo cookies, cutting up magazines to create a collage, or writing poetry in the corner booth of our local Chick-fil-A.

Are there any discounts available? 

Glad you asked. Yes, there two::

EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT: Register by July 16, and receive $5 off the price of your ticket.

CHURCH STAFF DISCOUNT: If you’re on staff at a church, take $10 off the price of your ticket.

What is your refund policy?

We’ll refund your money if you cancel up to eight days before the event. Within a week of the event, we are unable to grant a refund, although you’re welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend who’d like to attend.

What if I have more questions?

I’d be glad to answer them. Email Kirsten at

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