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When I read the Bible, 

I am drawn to the Invisible Outcasts… 

because in different seasons of my life, I’ve been one. I still feel like that on some days. And I’m amazed when God–or another person–notices me in the shadows and coaxes me out of hiding.

I am drawn to the Passionate God-Wrestlers… 

who bring everything they are into their relationship with God–even when they’re angry at him or feel betrayed by him. A few years ago, my husband gave me boxing gloves and a 70-lb heavy bag to hang in the garage. He thought that might be helpful to my prayer life. Totally was.

I am drawn to the Storytelling Prophets… 

because I love it when people talk about what they’re learning–but I love it most when they weave it together with a story. Stories sneak into parts of my heart that facts alone can’t begin to penetrate.

I am drawn to a Relentlessly Loving God…

who never gives up on the people he created. And when a curtain falls between you and God, keeping you from seeing him, keeping you from knowing his love, he’ll (gently or dramatically, all at once or over time) tear the curtain.

Those are the themes that draw me. And when I step up to the platform, those are the themes that shape my words.

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Current Speaking Topics…

UntitledBy a Thread: Holding on to the Story that Ties You to Jesus

(4 talks. This topic works well as a retreat or as a one-day workshop.) 

Kirsten will walk with you through a process that will help you connect with God and listen to the story he’s telling in your life. At one level, every Christian has the same story: Jesus saved me by his work on the cross. But at another level, each believer has a unique and specific and ongoing story of rescue, creatively written by Jesus himself.

Come find your story.

What this topic can give you:

  • Less shame about your past
  • More hope for your future
  • Stronger experience of connection with God
  • Excitement about who God made you to be
  • Greater curiosity about the Bible
  • Better questions to ask God when you have no idea what he’s doing
  • Deeper understanding of your own story—and the ability to share it with others



All over the place graphic

All Over the Place

(4 talks. This topic works well as a retreat or as a one-day workshop.) 

How often do you use the phrase “all over the place?” Most days it describes at least one piece of our lives: our emotions, our thoughts, our schedule, our laundry, our social media usage…

But sometimes when our lives are all over the place, we forget that God’s love is all over the place, too. The apostle Paul describes the love of Christ as “wide and long and high and deep” (Ephesians 3:18, NIV). In fact, Paul says, God’s love is so very everywhere, that nothing–and he goes to great pains to list all the many circumstances and powers that fit the “nothing” category–“will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39, NIV)

Join Kirsten in an exploration of the all-over-the-place love of God–for you.

Ask challenging questions about a key topic. Questions like these:

  • Where do you get your nourishment, strength and energy?  From God’s love or from something else?
  • When are you most likely to lose sight of God’s love for you? To notice God’s love?
  • What aspects of God’s love scare you?
  • How can you live like you’re loved by God when your circumstances provide so much evidence to the contrary?

If you want to live your life rooted in God’s love for you, convinced of His love even when you feel stretched and want to hide…this is the topic for you.



Although each of the above topics is designed as a teaching series suited for a retreat or one-day workshop, I can work with you to choose one slice of that topic to speak on for a single-talk event or worship service.

Contact me with any questions, or to get a speaking sample. I’d love to talk with you!

Email me: kirsten (dot) wilson (at) mac (dot) com